Working with County Council, the Sheriff’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office on the Jail Operations Advisory Commission, Ilene and her team assisted the commission in making jail improvements for the benefit of inmates and deputies. The steps taken have improved security conditions and transparency, and reduced overtime costs, sick time and injury leave pay. Ilene also collaborated with the Sheriff’s Office to lead an aggressive recruitment campaign for deputies. Ilene used workforce funding from the Department of Job and Family Services to provide qualified candidates with a scholarship to the University of Akron police academy. In January 2020, the first six program participants were hired as full-time Summit County Deputy Sheriffs.

Upon learning the County and multiple communities were all in need of new dispatch systems, Ilene led discussions that resulted in the purchase of one consolidated system that provides first responders and dispatchers new, technologically advanced tools. The collective cost saving over the first five years of acquiring and owning the Next Generation 9-1-1 Consolidated Dispatch System is $7 million.